Large gray tank
Contact Diane's Tank Removal Service, LLC
for tank removal, decommissioning, and installation, throughout Edmonds and Seattle, Washington.

Services That We Offer
  • Pump, Rinse & Capping = No Longer Allowed
  • Pump, Rinse & Fill = Call for Free Quote
  • Tank Removal = Call for free Quote
  • Tank Locate = $125.00 - $195.00
  • AST Removal = $195.00 (Tanks Easily Accessed)
  • Site Assessor Activities = Call for Pricing
  • Soil Sampling Activities = Call for Pricing
  • Soil Remediation = Call for Pricing

Removal of Concrete or
Slurry Filled Tanks

**Please note that some tanks lay in difficult access areas and require extra work to remove. Some other charges may apply, so call me for a free estimate.**

Call for Pricing

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