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Questions & Answers with Diane

Residential & Commercial


  • The Washington State Department of Ecology (DOE) has thousands of tanks on its register. Most tanks are out of service and require closure and site assessments.
  • Some commercial sites are listed on the register under the Toxics Cleanup Program and require remediation. I can provide tank and remediation services and pricing for both.
  • You may be looking at purchasing a commercial property that had prior fueling systems or waste oil systems that should be identified before buying the property. I can provide exploratory services to find such systems.
  • I am here to provide you with answers to any questions regarding underground (or above ground) storage tank


  • Are you thinking about selling your house now or in the future? Are you thinking about buying a house now or in the future? Do you know of any tanks on your property? Many people do not know they have a tank on their property until they go to sell the house. That is where my locating services can help you.
  • Do you have an oil tank that you have not decommissioned? I do free estimates and can provide you with options, because not every tank is the same and not every property is the same.
  • Do you have an active oil tank and it is causing problems with your furnace? Or do you need to replace your current oil tank? I can provide estimates for both, and since most active tanks are registered with the State PLIA Insurance Program, I can guide you through that process of how the program works, so you do not void your insurance and lose out on free environmental cleanup coverage.
  • Do you have an active tank, but you forgot to register it with the free PLIA insurance program? Call me and I can guide you through this great program for active home heating oil users.